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Fabio Romano, Pianist
Live practicing on air...
Channel 1
Channel 2 (HiFi)
Alternative link
Channel 2 (HiFi)
If you don't hear any sounds...

If you don't hear any sounds, it might depend
on two factors:

1) You have selected Channel 2. This channel will start broadcasting few minutes before the beginning of live events.

2) Maybe you don’t have any internet radio player
on your computer. Please install Winamp or i-tunes.

You might be able to listen to the streaming even without installing any internet radio players by following this alternative link.

Please connect the computer audio output to your stereo audio input to better enjoy the sound.

RadioFabio is project drawn, realised and supervised
by Yann Bongiovanni.
Increasing piano repertoire

Fabio Romano is
increasing his piano
repertoire and
therefore he's
withdwawn from
public performances.

However, the comeback is getting closer every day...